1. The Southside
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Produced by Mark Dahm

Mat D - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar


there's a broken horizon
and a wide open sky
there's a ghost in the engine
and a dream left to die
all the darkness descending
all the love that you fear
every damned dirty devil
that done followed you here
every spirit that wanders
from the outskirts of hell
they all gather together
at the Southside Motel

there's a light in the distance
where all faith becomes doubt
and it flickers and flashes
but it never burns out
by the edge of that highway
on a spindle of steel
every sign points to heaven
and your death becomes real
calling all of you sinners
with soul left to sell
drink cup full of sorrow
at the Southside Motel

there's no mercy at midnight
no end to our days
there's a ghost in the engine
that God's grace couldn't save
love was never the answer
yet in all of it's power
there's a great resurrection
down the hall every hour
we could rise up together
break free of this spell
just to wake up each morning
at the Southside Motel