Singer-Songwriter Mathew deRiso

"It’s a crying shame that the world at large isn’t familiar with this guy yet. It’s time for that to change. Country, Americana, Southern rock, call it what you want to call it. I’ll just call it bad-ass."

-Fred Phillips


Known by fans as the "Hemingway of the Highway" Midwestern Troubadour Mat D has been fashioning his brand of Hard Luck Americana since 2006 with gravel and grit filled vocals, dark soulful lyricism and country blues soaked high energy rock n roll that pulls no punches. 

Signed to the independent label SMC Records in 2021 - Mat has released two full length albums for the label, the first titled "Phantom Locomotive" in 2021, and his latest album "Jericho Gap" was released in 2023.  His song “Exodus” received a World Songwriting Award for Best Outlaw song in Fall 2023. 




"I've been in and around music and the business of music, since the early 1970's. In all that time I've heard a lot of bad music, a lot of good music but very little GREAT music. This is GREAT music; well written, well played, solidly produced...from beginning to end the finest example of Americana Rockabilly I have ever heard... It stacks up with Haggard, Johnny Cash, Elvis, and kicks the liver out of most major label attempts in this genre"

- Jim Pipkin




Jericho Gap - 2023  (SMC RECORDS)

Mat D  Phantom Locomotive - 2021  (SMC RECORDS)



Mat D and the Profane Saints  Drugstore Mermaid  EP -  2005

Mat D and the Profane Saints  Small Town Burning - 2006

Mat D and the Profane Saints   Brand New Faith EP  - 2007

Mat D  Gasoline Rattle - 2007

Mat D Merciful 66 - 2008

Mat D and the Profane Saints  Dirt Town City Limits - 2009

Mat D Plank Road Drag - 2010

Mat D and the Profane Saints  Holyoke - 2014

Mat D and the Profane Saints  The Mercy Road -2016

Mat D  Broken Hymns and Ballads of the Roadhouse Shrine (remastered - demos) - 2019

Mat D  The Cathouse Sessions EP - 2020 


"Mat D is kind of a bad boy… but not in the popped collar, wallet chain that touches the floor, or even wearing his knickerbockers below the knee – type way. Instead, he sings about the lives of murders, thieves, and the hard living regular folks – which, according to Mat D, are not really that different.  

If you are looking for “genericana” – this is not it. Mat D tells it like it is and don’t hold anything back. Golden-eared afternoon jock at KMIT, “Hot Country,” 105.9 FM Mitchell, South Dakota, Joel “Big J” Van Dover says, “During today’s age of ‘Bro’ Country, an artist like Mat D is the ultimate musical refreshment for those of us that crave real, heartfelt, from the gut music. It’s storytelling at its best, and Mat D’s heart and voice bleeds truth when he sings.”  

Van Dover continues, “I’ve been in country radio for 30-plus years, and the best and most moving acoustic performance I’ve had live on the air is Mat D...Music to me is supposed to be about truth, and Mat D’s version of the truth and world as he sees it makes for gripping music that restores my faith in tight bands and true songwriters. What I really like about them, I don’t know what genre to place them in. That to me is the true art of the world of music."

            -Duane Doobie  Radio Info Magazine