Mat D and the Profane Saints 2006-2019

It's the end of the road for Mat D and the Profane Saints.  After thirteen years as a group the band has ended.


From Mat D -

"Thank you all for your support for the last thirteen years. It has been an honor and pleasure to getting to know you all. I cannot thank you enough for the support and energy you gave this band. We would not have accomplished all that we had without you all. I will cherish all of the wonderful memories we made together. Blessings and Peace to you all.

I would like to personally thank Kurt Mullins and Jeff Deignan for their incredible talents over a decade plus of recording and performing.  I would also like to thank Barry Hodges for his talent and dedication for the past few years in the band.  I have been blessed to play with musicians of this caliber.  It has been an honor to perform alongside them.  They are and will be dearly missed.

I would also like to thank Shawn Blomberg, Bob Birch, Bill Harstad and Kelli Glasgow for their musical contributions to the band.  Much appreciation.

I would also like to thank Monty Girard and Kelley Fischer - the best road crew a band could ever ask for."

The band has ended. The music remains. Mat D plans on continuing to write, record and perform solo. Much appreciation for the kind comments, memories and support.